"Under the flag
Of each his faction, they to battle bring
Their embryon atoms." - John Milton

Welcome to Volition, an advanced medieval fantasy roleplay set in the fictional capital of Crownsford. As a King watches his lands slowly deteriorate, he is introduced to the council of a certain sorceress who helps alleviate the problem. And for a time being, harmony is restored to the lands of Argeana. However, the sorceress soon warns the King that the spell would only last with a sacrificed citizen every full moon. Left without choice, the King agrees in hopes of choosing the lesser of two evils. As some citizens uproar, a rebellion guerrilla group of mercenaries form known as the Nightsmen. To sustain them, the Crownsguarde stands in fierce loyalty to the city and the crown. Meanwhile, the ever scheming Inner Circle plot treason against the King, hoping that their introduction of the sorceress helps overthrow the monarchy and bring them to power.

With nothing but an allegiance to their cause, the citizens of Crownsford await only bloodshed and struggles before the beginning of a new dawn.

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