Nightscrawlers RPG

Long-running, chat based RP. Loyal and friendly international playerbase.

Hello and welcome to ScrawlersEarth, a play-by-chat (very) alternate universe X-men and Marvel role-playing Game. We are an 18+ rated site with dedicated and friendly long term players and a very welcoming bunch.

As mentioned, we are very alternate universe and allow you to play canon characters, either as close to their canon traits as you like (within the premise of the game), or exactly the way you please, giving you great freedom to define their background and personality on your own.

We are primarily based at Xavier University, playing as mutant students from around the world recruited to the secret school. The mutants of this world face a myriad of things from tentacly zombies, a government still working out whether they're the countries newest asset or greatest threat, and some idiot putting a talking shark in the rec room.

So come on in, feel free to have a chat with us and we'll fill you in on everything that is happening at Xavier University.
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