Edolon: Empires at War


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Five years ago the lords of Edolon went off to war against the invading hordes of Zaksebar, and halted the barbarians' advance across the land with the blood of the faithful. Now the enemy is defeated, the old king is dead, and a new regime begins... but will it be a golden age of peace or a darker time than ever they imagined? The Church is teetering, the scholars are whispering of ancient heresies, the nobles want their treasuries refilled, and the whole land seems ripe for change...

A brand new game, Edolon offers players a chance to bring to life a medieval royal court, full of chances for intrigue, battles, romances, feuds, and all manner of chaos.

Inspired by GRR Martin's A Game of Thrones
Rated R/NC-17 for violence, adult themes & content


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