Chaos Destiny

A world on the brink of collapse. An Alliance of Three Dark Empires rule much of the world. Things are dangerous with magic and the supernatural having not only been proven real, but are spreading to everyday life. Join the Dark or join the Light. Play as an Organization, play as a Wrestler in these times of Chaos, and a brave hero or villain. What will be your Chaos Destiny?

Each company will do one show a month. So one show for Imperial Wrestling Alliance and then one show for Apex Superstar Alliance.

So each show will be organized as a two week cycle as follows.

1. Organizations/Nations
Organizations and such will send in their desired actions and orders to allied characters.

2. Roleplaying Period
This is where the characters will roleplay for the show and/or in general. This is where characters allied to different organizations would start carrying out their orders.

3. The Show
Yup as it says. Wrestling show, carry out any actions from characters and organizations.

4. Aftermath
Wrap up an roleplaying that needs done or anything that will finish at the end of the cycle.

Every two months each company to have a PPV on a cyclic basis. IWA then ASA.

InterFed PPV
Yes. They will happen. How will they happen? Someone either through story or "their tours wound up in the same location"
Major changes will come from these, from transformations to the setting upwards to even a company falling.

Your Choices of Federations.

Imperial Wrestling Alliance
Formerly Warhammer Wrestling Inc, this company has been taken over by Queen Druscilla Bathory of the British Empire along with support from Carthage and Russia.

Expect a heavy hand from management here, but if you're one of those who are not liked? Success here will be all the sweeter. Tours are typically going to be through Europe, Africa, and Asia though they might leave these regions should an invading army leave as to ride with them.

Apex Superstar Alliance

This company was previously wholly owned by Terel Walker, but a fifty percent share was bought by former WWI owner, Allen Anderson.

Anderson brings the unofficial support of the Warhammer Corporation as the vile company enjoy selling materials to both sides of any conflict.

ASA will be more a rough and tumble place to be. If a wrestler here has powers beyond the normal, they will have no restrictions from using those powers.

ASA will often look to tour in North and South America and Australia, but the stance of the co-owners is combative so secret tours through IWA territory where danger exists around every corner should not be unexpected.

There is one restriction. One wrestler to each company. Let"s explain this better since you can have as many wrestlers and characters as you want.

What this means is that Jessica Tendonin has to choose ASA or IWA, not both. While Kinvar can certainly send in more characters and Interfed events will happen? Jessica can only be in one company.

New Federations
Think you can fit into this setting and want to cut down to one show per month? We have positions for two more Federations for brave souls who want to bring their company to the world of Chaos Destiny! You will have control of your own Federation as per normal and can hire your workers (keeping to the one character per company restriction). Your own rules on including non-humans or the use of supernatural abilities, and your own take on the lay of the land. We will work with you (and even help with results if you need it) to best integrate your product into our dangerous world.

Finally, Death is a thing. Heroes don't live forever and you should not expect your character to either. Though it will be some rather extreme circumstances that you'll probably see coming a mile away. You will then either be offered a new contract with a different name to be a "new character" without spending points or you are welcome to send in a new character.

Come one, come all! No matter what you plan to do? Have fun!

Heroes! Villain! Nations! Secret Orders! Federations! Anything is possible!

What will be your Chaos Destiny?

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