What is Hollow Art

Welcome to Hollow Art! Hollow Art is a site which aims to provide icons, bases and avatars which can be used on livejournal, insanejournal, proboards, inksome and other websites! We also provide livejournal layouts; livejournal moodthemes; user info banners,friends only banners and signature graphics for use on forums and journalling sites! New to the site, we now offer wallpapers as well!!

Our content covers a wide array, from celebrity icons to abstract wallpapers. We boast probably one of the largest and most comprehensive archives for livejournal bases on the internet and we're growing every day.

Not only do we here at Hollow Art provide you with exciting and beautiful content, such as our wide variety of celebrity graphics, but now you can post your own content to the site. You too can share your own graphics and artwork with the community!

Joining Hollow Art is free and easy - you can create an account here. It only takes a few moments and accounts are approved straight away. Once you are a member, you can also check out our forums and chat with other members of the community. As many of our members hail from the RPG community, we have many forum topics devoted to rpgs; characters, fandoms and to helping and assisting our members to find PBs (played by, also known as face claims or celebrity representations) for use in written RPGs.

Whilst you're on the site, why not also check out Hollow Art resources, our sister site. There you can find a variety of graphicsresources to help you create your own art, including screencaps, textures, patterns and brushes. Furthermore, you can find a host of photoshop tutorials to guide you step-by-step through creating a variety of different styles, such as headers, banners, icons and much, much more!

So, we would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you to our site and hope that you will enjoy your time here!

The Hollow Art team