Genre: Survival

Chaos Destiny

A world on the brink of collapse. An Alliance of Three Dark Empires rule much of the world. Things are dangerous with magic and the supernatural having not only been proven real, but are spreading to everyday life. Join the Dark or join the Light. Play as an Organization, play as a Wrestler in these times of Chaos, and a brave hero or villain. What will be your Chaos Destiny?

Each company will do one show a month. So one show for Imperial Wrestling Alliance and then one show for Apex Superstar Alliance.

Dark Horizons X-Men RPG

Are you looking for a good, active, X-Men RPG?

One with exciting missions, good character drama and a whole slew of original and different story lines by the moderators? Are you tired of playing canon characters and want to let your original ideas out of the box?

Then this is the rpg for you.

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