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Dread Wolf's Rise

Dragon Age: Dread Wolf's Rise is set within the Dragon Age universe with a starting point roughly a month past the closing of the Breach. Solas is gone, Leliana is the Divine Elect but has not yet taken the throne, and our Inquisitor is a young Dalish woman named Torrent. No alliance was made with the Qunari (Chargers are alive and functioning), and the mages helped close the Breach as allies of the Inquisition.

Chaos Destiny

A world on the brink of collapse. An Alliance of Three Dark Empires rule much of the world. Things are dangerous with magic and the supernatural having not only been proven real, but are spreading to everyday life. Join the Dark or join the Light. Play as an Organization, play as a Wrestler in these times of Chaos, and a brave hero or villain. What will be your Chaos Destiny?

Each company will do one show a month. So one show for Imperial Wrestling Alliance and then one show for Apex Superstar Alliance.

Criminal Psychology

This site isn't for all the strange plots where Reid gets married and or Hotch gets fired and Morgan takes over, nope, this site is to investigate crimes of serial killers while role playing the great members of the BAU. This site is for cases and drama, but the drama is on an individual basis where you choose what happens. Have fun roleplaying and welcome to Criminal Psychology, a Criminal Minds RPG.

Avatar: The Spirit War

A thousand years before the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender there was...The Spirit War!

Before Korra, before Aang, before Roku, Kiyoshi, Kuruk or Yangchen, there was Li, who faced his own set of challenges. Li was the Avatar and by the time he was 21, he had easily mastered all four elements and traveled the world. Unaware of a looming spiritual unrest, Li began to experiment with new kinds of meditation, creating over 500 new entry points to the Spirit World, not just in the traditional holy places.

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