Character: Werewolf

Suffer This World

The Second Wizarding War has come to an end, and it appears that Harry Potter met his match. Students watched as the Death Eaters rolled into view from the direction of the Dark Forest, the limp body of their hero in Hagrid's arms.

"Dispose of him in the lake," Lord Voldemort instructed the gamekeeper. With tears trickling down his chubby cheeks, the half-giant did as the Dark Lord told him, the shackled weighing him down in his efforts. Students gasped and sobbed as Harry Potter was dropped over the edge of the bridge, disappearing into the water below. "And now, we take back the school," Voldemort simply said.

Death Eaters regained their control over the school. No student is exempt from punishment, should they refuse to abide by the rules. It is dark times here at Hogwarts. We can only hope that maybe someone will come to put things right.

Chaos Destiny

A world on the brink of collapse. An Alliance of Three Dark Empires rule much of the world. Things are dangerous with magic and the supernatural having not only been proven real, but are spreading to everyday life. Join the Dark or join the Light. Play as an Organization, play as a Wrestler in these times of Chaos, and a brave hero or villain. What will be your Chaos Destiny?

Each company will do one show a month. So one show for Imperial Wrestling Alliance and then one show for Apex Superstar Alliance.

Seattle; Drop by Drop

Welcome to Seattle, Wa., one of the most socially, and supernaturally progressive cities in the country. Front runner in some of the most controversial movements of the Supernatural Community, from Synth Blood in every bar to an All Supernatural Police Force, there's no better place for those seeking the freedom to be themselves. But it's not all sunshine and ponies, don't let that fool you. Seattle's got a dark side, and a bit of a weird side, too. But whatever side you're on, whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find something here...

Swan Song

There’s a war waging between good and evil. Climate changes, mysterious deaths – the world is in turmoil. Demons and angels walk the earth. The Horsemen are among us. Monsters are becoming bolder. More people are being possessed and murdered than hungers have ever seen. The days are dark with no silver lining in sight.

Bittersweet Forever

Based after Breaking Dawn, the Cullen's are still residing in Forks, Washington. The family have been attending Forks University along with many other new (and fairly unique) vampires, though With Bella as a vampire, Renesmee at six months though resembling a seventeen year old girl and their coven expanding before the towns eyes, it's no wonder the Volturi have been keeping such a close eye on the family. Just waiting for ways and reasons to take any one of them out of the world, or at the very least, add to their ever growing group of guards.
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